How to Choose Cushion Covers Like a Pro - 5 Tips

Cushion covers come in many colors and designs. As a result, choosing which one would best fit your space can be pretty challenging.


If this is the case for you, then you’re reading the right article. In this guide , we will share with you some pro tips on how to choose cushion covers.


Pro Tips for Choosing Cushion Covers


Here are some easy-to-follow tips on how to choose cushion covers like a pro:


  1. Match the Existing Decor


Remember that creating balance is important to make a room look attractive. This is something that you can achieve with the right cushion covers.



When choosing your cushion cover, it is best to make sure that it will be cohesive with the existing decor of a particular space. This will help make everything look put together. For example, if you have some green plants and pots, choosing cushion covers in the same color spectrum would look nice. Some green leaf cushion covers or palm leaf cushion covers can be an easy and great choice to pull off this design. 


Ensuring that your cushion cover matches the existing decor will help create a consistent theme and vibe for space. But, if this is not what you are going for, then it's okay to opt for unique cushion covers instead.


2. Layer Textures


 Photo by Christa Nicholson on Unsplash  


The next pro tip is to consider layering textures. Don't be afraid to choose different cushion covers and pile them together. In fact, combining heavy textures with lighter ones has the power to make your space cozy and modern.


Using multiple textures will also help give your space a lively dimension. It will also help make other pieces look even more attractive.



3. Be Bold


There is this notion for many that cushion covers should be the exact color as your large furniture. Although there is nothing wrong with doing this, it can look boring and dry. That is why you should not be afraid to be bold.



Choosing quirky and bold cushion covers is an excellent way to add some character to your space. It can also help liven it up, especially when you use bright colors.



4. Create a Contrast


Creating contrast is an important aspect of interior design. Choosing the right cushion cover can help you achieve this.


Photo by MORAN on Unsplash

For example, if you have some minimalist wall art. In that case, you can make a contrast by picking cushion covers that are sparkly or brightly colored. Doing this will help give your space some dimension and charter.


You can also create contrast with texture. For example, if you have concrete walls, using velvet cushion covers will make space look more modern.


Basically, when creating a contrast using cushion covers, the idea is to go the opposite route of the large design elements in a space.


5. Mix and Match



Photo by Lena Myzovets on Unsplash



If you are going for a cozy look, choosing different prints, textures, and designs of cushion covers is a good idea. Think of it as somewhat doing some abstract picasso art but on cushion covers. Doing this will make your space show your creative side, and it can be an interesting design element worth talking about for visitors. 


When mixing and matching cushion covers, the rule of the thumb is to choose 3 colors and choose 3 patterns. When choosing the color, it is best to use 3 different colors that are similar to the wall, rug, curtain, or beddings. For the pattern, anything will do as long as each incorporates at least one of 3 colors that you have chosen.


Final Words


Cushion covers are excellent design pieces that also have practical application. Since there are plenty of options out there, it's understandable why many have a hard time choosing the best one for their space. But, with the tips mentioned above, the choosing process can be more manageable for you.


Hope this information will help you make the right choice for your home!

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