How to Arrange Wall Arts for a Vibrant Living Room

How to Arrange Wall Arts for a Vibrant Living Room


Figuring out where to place a wall art as a room wall decor is quite a daunting task in interior design. A poorly hung wall art while easy to fix is quite difficult to get right. Unless, of course, you know some unspoken rules in interior design.


In arranging artwork, the key is to identify how and where to position such art. In this article, we will teach you the proper placing of wall art like an interior design pro.


       1. Place the artwork at eye level


Photo by Vinicius "amnx" Amano on Unsplash



The most common interior design mistake is hanging the art too high. The recommended proper distance of your poster or minimalist wall art from the floor should be 57 inches. The 57 inches’ distance is the usual human eye-height. This practice is commonly used by art galleries and museums.


While the 57 inches’ height is the general rule, there's still an exception, especially when the ceiling is too low. To determine proper placement, divide the vertical length of your living room wall into quarters, then place your home decor art on the third quadrant from the floor.


If you wish to hang the wall above the sofa, make sure to maintain 8-10 inches from the sofa and don't mind the 57 inches rule. Also, take note of the space between the wall and the art.


        2. Be mindful of the artwork sizes


Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels


If you want to display some art collections in your living room, the key to a balanced look is to treat the collection as a single piece. Make sure that each art piece is neither too small nor too large for the wall. Take note that the proper size is two-thirds of the sideboard or sofa.


On the other hand, if you want to hang multiple room wall decors as a group, place the heavy ones at the bottom, the lighter pieces at the top right corner, and the mid-sizes in between.


       3. Salon-style for multiple artworks


Another way of placing artworks is the salon style. This style is highly adored by everyone because it is pleasing to the eyes. To do this, try to mix and match the art pieces you have, it can be a family picture, a painting, sculptures, or a self-portrait.


To plan a better salon-style arrangement follow the proper placement of the art collection in tip#2. Also, use an adhesive tape and craft paper to determine nail placement.


       4. Don't limit yourself!


So what you don't follow the rules? don't limit yourself and hang them anyway!


Image by StockSnap from Pixabay 

Sometimes unique interior design is a product of unexpected art placement. If you don't have patience following the salon-style, floating wall shelves can be your new art gallery. To achieve this, you can layer multiple pieces for a catchier and multi-dimensional approach.


Final Thoughts


Art defines the personality of your living room. However, its placement could either make or break the entire space. When arranging art walls, it's okay to break the rules; what’s important is that you can create a character and matching certain pieces together.


We hope we have helped you position your amazing home decor items pieces into your living room. Happy interior designing!



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