Embrace your inner vintage-lover with these amazing design tips

Embrace your inner vintage-lover with these amazing design tips

Got an old-school soul that appreciates the charm of vintage things? Well that’s exactly what you should be emulating in your home décor items.

It’s not necessary to have lived through that era to appreciate the unique things that it had to offer. The homely appeal of the “vintage” aesthetic is something that has become evergreen and ever-loved over the decades. Today, we shape the best of these oldies into our contemporary spaces and if you’re an old soul at heart, you’ll definitely love these amazing design tips that will allow you to embrace your inner vintage lover. Let’s take a look:


  1. Pick your era



The term “vintage” is not just an idea. It’s an actual emotion that captures the zeitgeist of our history. It’s a culmination of ideas that spans anywhere from around 20 to 100 years. When it comes to interior designing, you can’t possibly think of emulating every single highlight that happened during this timeframe. You pick and choose. You design your ambiance by picking from a range of styles that were the best hits of their era. Here are a few popular ones for your perusal:


  • Bauhaus: Yes – the movement that started timeless modernism is now a true vintage delicacy. From picking and choosing your best home décor items to sticking with minimalist philosophies, this style can still be emulated seamlessly while complementing contemporary mindsets.


  • Art Nouveau: This style is characterized by its emphasis on stylism. It features floral designs, organic lines, and is totally uninhibited in its aesthetic appeal.



  • Art Deco: This particular vintage look is all about sleek, stylistic geometry and understated glamour. It’s very delicate, takes inspiration from cubism and ancient Egyptian art. It’s definitely worth exploring if you like experimenting with unusual home décor accessories.




  • Memphis Style: This 80s darling took abstract geometry and paired it with bright, popping primary colors. If you’re into bold, eclectic shapes and unique ambiances, then you’ll love this vintage look.


There are many more styles worth exploring if you want embrace your inner vintage-lover. Just remember to stick to your era when you start designing your space!


2. Elements of vintage design

The vintage aesthetic can be emulated in a number of ways, and here are some primary ones:


  • Home Décor Items: One of the best ways to express your love of the vintage is by selecting the right home décor accessories. For example, if you’re going with an early 80s vibe, then some patterned throw cushions can get you that old-school chintz and Laura Ashley vibes. Similarly, you can express the Bauhaus, Art Deco, and 60s Psychedelic styles with the right type of wall art. You can even pick out vintage rococo mirrors to get a classic old-school vibe.



  • Furniture: Furniture and light fixtures are big home décor items that can represent a specific era. Classic Queen Anne style furniture items can be used to emulate the Victoriana aesthetic. Sleek modern light fixtures can be used to evoke a gorgeous Bauhaus affect, etc.



  • Color Scheme: Colors have personalities, and you can easily find some great vintage color schemes to represent your era. You can also search on relevant patterns and textures to get your look right. For example, Damask wallpapers were a total hit at one point, whereas plaids and shaggy textures were the best choice at other times.


3. Graphics




There’s no better way to experience the vintage look than through graphics, and the best way to emulate these is through relevant wall art. There are many, many graphic styles to explore when you’re going vintage. The Letterpress and Mid Century Modern fonts are especially very appealing with their unique straight-forwardness. You can also find lots of Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Psychedelic inspirations!

So, these are some things to keep in mind when emulating the vintage style. We hope these tips are helpful when you’re exploring this particular look!

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