Best Interior Design Ideas when Renovating Bathrooms

Make Your Bathroom a Mini Paradise with These Interior Design Tips


Looking for ideas on how to make your bathroom a mini paradise? Well, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re making small aesthetic changes or thinking of renovating it, a bathroom renovation can make a huge difference in your hygiene and skincare routine as well as the feel in your home.


Alongside the kitchen, bathroom interiors should also be given due importance when thinking of remodeling one’s home.


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However, it isn’t easy to choose design ideas or thinking of a brand-new look that will make your bathroom a mini paradise.


So, if you’re stuck or thinking deeper right now on how to make your bathroom a place where you can enjoy your private moments, here are some home décor online tips that will make your bathroom an interior design masterpiece.


  1. Add marble tiles to sink tops, cabinets, and bathtubs


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Stark, sterile, and incredibly aesthetic. Marbles, whether they’re plain or stained, add a beautiful accent to every bathroom. They give off that hygienic vibe but also shout luxury and elegance. The best thing about using marbles to accent any bathroom is their flexibility with design concepts.


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Whether you go all-out minimalist or integrate some Versailles-like design to your bathroom, marbles are exquisite enough to elevate your bathroom into an inviting space for private moments and calm relaxation.



     2. Incorporate some wall or standing art pieces


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While a plainly decorated bathroom can mean privacy, a little touch of art wouldn’t hurt its aesthetics. In some design concepts, minimalist wall art could do a lot to a bathroom regardless of its space size.


If your bathroom doesn’t have flat walls, a standing art piece can add a touch of beauty to the space. It can also introduce a space that your eyes can enjoy watching while doing your business or enjoying a hot bath.


The only catch with adding art to bathrooms is that it must coincide with its theme. As long as the art piece follows the vibe of your bathroom design, you’ll elevate its mini paradise feel to a whole new level.


     3. Bring in that suspended stylish, bright light bulbs


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One good thing about suspended lights is that it brightens up every corner of the bathroom. Although many prefer wall lights, introducing some suspended ceiling lights near the sink or through the bathroom creates a calming atmosphere and allows you to see everything inside.


These include those storage nooks that aren’t illuminated with the usual wall lights. You can add a pendant rope light to the space to add flair and elegance to your bathroom design.


     4. Add soft bathroom carpets and rugs

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Okay, many don’t usually agree with this, but bathroom rugs are essential to any bathroom, regardless of its size. While the chances of it getting wet after a bath can irritate anyone, it is also better to have it than stepping on a cold floor after coming out of the shower or tub.


Rugs also add comfort to your soles while drying them up. The best place to put a carpet or rug is near the sink. It is where you do most of your grooming after a shower or bath.


It also protects the floor from unintended spills and splashes that might make the bathroom floor slippery and cause bathroom accidents.


     5. Integrate wood tones to sink accents, wall trims, and sidings.


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If you’re going tropical or Scandinavian with your home design, adding a wooden accent to the bathroom is a must.


More so, integrating wood or wood-like panels to sinks, tub trims, or wall trims and sidings can create an atmosphere that reminds you of a tropical hotel or resort.


Also, wood panels are significantly less expensive than marble, so they’re aesthetically affordable when renovating your bathroom and turning it into a paradise-like private space.


      6. Use large, vertical, or suspended mirrors


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This placement has both technical and aesthetic purposes. While it amplifies the brightness of the room, it also makes the space more expansive.


If you have a smaller bathroom, a wide vertical mirror makes the space look much wider. Also, suspended mirrors act like art pieces but simply reflecting your true beauty before and after a bath.


      7. Organize bathroom accessories with baskets and storage


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For a more tropical vibe, you can use baskets to store towels, bath essentials, and other items you keep in the bathroom. You can also integrate some wall hangers, hooks, and shelves to store soap and shampoo bottles, vanity kits, and other bathroom items.


       8. Bring in the planters and desk plants


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Adding greenery to the bathroom elevates the freshness of the space. It also absorbs moisture minimizing molds in tile edges.


Plus, if you’re thinking of adding a calming touch to your bathroom renovation, Zen home décor items can get you in touch with your inner peace while having your moments inside the privacy of your bathroom.


Final Thoughts


Isn’t it more refreshing to have a bathroom that brings out that refreshing mood on your bath and shower times?


With the right interior décor, home décor accessories, and other integrated bathroom designs, you can make your bathroom time a mini holiday that relaxes and soothes you.



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