5 Ways To Beautify Your Homes With Nordic Lighting

5 Ways To Beautify Your Homes With Nordic Lighting.


The “Nordic” Scandinavian style is known for its restrained charm, coziness, and natural beauty. It’s an aesthetic that has been derived by beautifying homes located in the most challenging part of the world. In fact, it has resulted in many home décor items, accessories, and even lighting.


Nordic lighting not only refers to artfully crafted fixtures, but it also refers to how the lighting is incorporated within the space. The Norwegians used to work with near darkness in the long winters, and never ending sunny sprawls during the summers. As a result, they came up with some great ideas that translate pretty well in today’s designer home décor accessories. Let’s take a look at what we can glean from their expertise in the contemporary times:


  1. Low hanging lights
Photo by Tomas Jasovsky on Unsplash
One of the staples of Nordic lighting is that it has to add to the serene quality of the overall atmosphere. That’s why, even the most commonly used home décor items in this genre are very simple and austere. The idea is to enhance the unadorned beauty of the ambiance. So, while the main design elements (such as walls, floors, ceiling, furniture, etc.) are finished and dressed in neutral colors, they are enhanced with low hanging pendent lights with a dim gold temperature and focused beam. This helps create a moody surrounding that really brings out the best in such spaces.



      2. A focal element


Nordic lighting is usually used to add a qualitative value to an interior design, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be camouflaged in the backdrop. In fact, you can definitely use Scandinavian-inspired light fixtures to create focal elements. For example, a cluster of pendent lights hung on top of the dining table can be a great way to anchor the ambiance of such a space.



       3. Concentrated lighting


One of the core values of Scandinavian style lighting is to create warm accents in cool colored spaces. So, if you’ve got grey or white hued walls, you can install beautiful up and downlighters on your walls. This arrangement goes especially well with dual-lighters and wall lights that feature a concentrated lighting effect above and underneath where they’ve been installed! You can also design this effect with the help of pendant lights that have a really close drop to the surface they’re highlighting!


     4. Classic floor lamps


Nordic lighting can also be interpreted beautifully with the help of classic floor lamps. Like every Scandinavian style home décor item, it must have a modern appeal. Most floor lamps in this genre are usually metal accented or a combo of wood and fabric. The thing to remember about designing a Nordic ambiance with these lamps is that they must highlight a small nook or alcove within the room. For example, if you’re got a small reading area, then that’s where the floor lamp is supposed to go!


Photo by Kam Idris on Unsplash




5. Match the understatement


  Photo by Phil Desforges on Unsplash

Lastly, you should also note that Nordic lighting is always selected to highlight the muted and understated color scheme that is typically representative of this style to begin with. You cannot go for bright golden, white, or blue lighting in this genre. It has to be concentrated and moody enough to cast a whimsical vibe within the room. Dim gold accents and spot lighting is the best way to go in this regard.  This keeps the surroundings from looking bleak or boring. Also, do remember that no corner should be left to look dark and gloomy. If anything feels too shadowed, just put on a floor lamp, desk lamp, or even a pendent light to make it look good!


Nordic lighting just a part of Scandinavian style home décor items, so you should definitely look at the whole picture before making the final cut!

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