5 Things You Need to Know about Nordic Lighting

5 Things You Need to Know about Nordic Lighting

Scandinavian interior design has been all the rave before this decade has even begun. So much so that it has developed its own illumination style called Nordic lighting. This makes just enough sense since so much of what makes a design effective is how well the lighting is positioned.

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Given that Scandinavian interiors come with a predominantly minimalist vibe, with muted colors and rooms full of light, you can expect Nordic lighting to be simple and accentual, like a pendant rope light for example. If this aesthetic suits your taste, then here are other characteristics that define this type of lighting.

  1. They classify as mood lighting


Nordic lights are designed to be dramatic when the room is appropriately set for a mood. It can encompass an entire area with light, or it can be dimmed down. Both are achievable without compromising their function. When effectively applied, this can easily improve your experience wherever you may be in your home.


     2. Nordic lighting fixtures are great for accentuation.

If you want to emphasize the beauty of some home décor items in a space, these fixtures make for a suitable lighting accessory. The best thing about them is that they don’t overpower the view, and they allow for the decors to standout. These fixtures also do well in illuminating wall hangings that may be otherwise ignored.


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      3. These are ideal for the minimalist and lightweight aesthetic.

If you aren’t a fan of bulky lighting fixtures, then you will highly appreciate Nordic lights. This is because they’re characterized as visually lightweight and serene. The use of pendants and sleek metal rods also gives the subdued illusion of weightlessness, or something ethereal. Their designs may also qualify them as designer home décor.


      4. They give off an atmospheric effect to space.

The word, “hyggelig” is commonly thrown around in Scandinavian lighting design circles, and it is quite difficult to define. However, the closest word in the English translation is “atmospheric quality”, and might even be similar to a “state of mind”. Although it doesn’t outright consider Nordic lighting to be functional, it can be considered as something that evokes calm and comfort. In fact, a good example of the experience of hyggelic is lighting a candle while the sun is barely visible during the wintertime.


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      5. They feature the best use of soft light

Another attribute that is distinct with Nordic lighting is that the light is well-diffused, never too harsh, and almost always produces soft shadows. This improves the spatial light distribution in any room, thus making space look larger and comfortable, and making the darkness less sharp to the visuals.


In conclusion, your choice of lighting can truly make or break the overall appeal of your interiors. While we may have the urge to put a lot of décor and furniture into our homes and living areas, maybe also find comfort in simplicity and open space. Take note that even with just a few additions to your home, a set of well-placed Nordic lighting fixtures can easily redeem a Scandinavian space.


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