5 boho-chic room decor ideas for casual design lovers

5 boho-chic room decor ideas for casual design lovers

The bohemian style – or the boho-chic style – is a theme that’s full of live. It’s got culture, unique home décor items, and lots of personality. It’s an aesthetic that never gets boring, is very casual, and never fails to make a person feel at home. Here are some ideas that can help you emulate it in your homes:


  1. Layers




A very common aspect of boho-chic interior designing is layers. Whether you’re playing with home décor items like cushions and rugs or whether you’re exploring furniture, fabrics, and more, you need to have a keen eye for layering in order to get the best of this look.


Pro tip: You should start layering according to colors. Make sure the darker shades are at the back so that the lighter hues and textures become more apparent as you start the process of layering.



2. For the love of plants



Plants are an evergreen addition to the boho-chic style. They’re the kind of home décor accessories that can brighten up any space, but their natural appeal and refreshing presence is perfect for balancing out the neutral color scheme of this particular style.


Pro tip: You should make your planters the focal point of your bohemian style space. Hang them in Macrame plant hangers or feature them in eclectic handwoven baskets for the best effect.



3. Be a maximalist




The boho-chic style is all about embracing your inner maximalist. It’s a style that appreciates the ‘more is more’ philosophy. It’s full of textures, understated patterns, and various home décor items that match the overall theme.


Pro tip: Go for mountains of patterned throw cushions or custom sis/jute/seagrass baskets to achieve a maximalist vibe. Add in beni ourain style rugs and lived in wicker furniture accents and you’ll be on the right path.




4. What’s with the lighting?




The lighting in a boho-chic style interior design is mostly ambient. However, there’s also a distinct focus on stylish light fixtures to complement the maximalist vibe of this theme as well. It’s basically a mix and match of lots of natural light and beautiful fixtures.


Pro tip: Highlight your boho-chic style by curating some statement lights. Retro glass pendants are perfect for emulating a sleek but vintage look while unique hanging lights can be used to add some bold visual presence in your spaces.




  1. Handcraftsmanship




Lastly, the boho-chic style appreciates handcraftsmanship, so anything in this particular genre could be added to such spaces. From handcrafted Macrame plant hangers to handmade home décor items and furniture, there’s actually lots of explore here.


Pro Tip: Handmade wall décor items are a great hit in this theme. You can craft your own frames to design a gallery wall or go with an oversized statement piece to get the best effect!


So, these are a few tips that you can use to design your very own casual boho-chic interior design. Using them will definitely get you the results that you want.

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