4 incredible ways to spruce up your homes with planters and pots!

4 incredible ways to spruce up your homes with planters and pots!

One of the easiest and most reliable home décor accessories to spruce your homes with comprise of planters and pots. They’ve got natural charisma, unfettered charm, and an ability to enliven a space no matter how drab or boring it is.


Out of all the home décor items that you’ll find, planters can be used in quite a number of ways to spruce up an ambiance. They can be used in clusters, can be featured with size variations to create a gorgeous effect, and can even be hung over window sills to create a stunning aesthetic. Moreover, you can find plant pots for sale that are very easy to curate. You can always discover unique designs and pick the ones that suit the theme of your space.


So, if you’re as infatuated with this aesthetic as us, here are 4 incredible ways to spruce up your homes with planters and pots:


  1. The statement planter aesthetic

 by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


A statement planter is one of those amazingly versatile home décor accessories that can ramp up the look of any corner they’re featured in. The great thing about it is that just a single, oversized planter in a gorgeous terra cotta or porcelain/ceramic pot can have just as much of an impact as any other home décor item.


Just remember to be very careful about your plant selection; it has to be taller than or equal in height to the planter pot in order to give off the best impact. A fern is a great choice if you want to go big. But if you want a medium sized one, then a snake plant is also pretty great. You can easily find statement plant pots for sale and even purchase a stand if you want to elevate it from the rug or floor.


      2. The hanging planter aesthetic


Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash


Hanging planters are a great home décor item to create a whimsical effect in your interior designs. The sheer timelessness and fantasia of this décor intervention is sure to uplift any space in the most wonderful manner. A heartleaf philodendron or a Pearl Vine are both great choices. You can definitely look up more or consult your local nursery for suggestions. There are tons of ideas to hang these indoor vines and creepers in your spaces. You can also curate wonderful hanging plant pots to refine this idea. You can easily find vintage style pots and handmade macramé style hangers online.


So whether you want to spice up your window sill or simply create a foresty-effect in your living room corner, then this is the way to go!


      3. The table-top planter aesthetic



Featuring a normal-sized statement planter on your tables is a great way to elevate the entire ambiance of the space. The best part about this venture is that you don’t have to go out of your way to make things look beautiful. Just simply take a medium-sized planter of your choice and put it in the center of your coffee table, the end table, or even on a night stand and voila – you’ll have an automatic focal point to hook everyone’s eye!


If you feel like a single planter is not enough, then you can get tiny planter trays with bamboo stands to create wonderful little indoor gardens on your table.


     4. The DIY tray planter aesthetic


Photo by 91 Magazine on Unsplash


The DIY-tray aesthetic is one of the best ways to feature all your favorite home décor accessories in a single place. Just get a decorative tray of your liking and create a wonderful cluster of all your trinkets and baubles in it.


However, do remember the rule of three; i.e. one of the items will have to be tall and vertical, one has to be horizontal, and the last one has to be medium sized to create a visual connection between the other two. The planter has to be either the tall or the medium-sized item here. Succulents are a great options – especially the tiny ones that don’t require that much maintenance.

So these are some great ways to feature planters and pots in your home interiors. We hope these ideas help you create the most wonderful interior-scapes!

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