4 decor items that would take you back to the glamor of 50s

4 decor items that would take you back to the glamor of 50s

What exactly do you think of when someone mentions the 50s? Probably vintage home décor accessories, old school Americana and the sort, right?

This just goes to prove that the 50s is the most underappreciated decade of the twentieth century, because it was honestly marked with so many innovative and charismatic discoveries. Charles and Ray Eames would go on to invent their iconic lounge chair, Eero Saarinen would finish his Tulip collection, and Jazz would take over the world.

The 50s is actually pretty iconic, and if you want to reinvent this decade in your modern spaces, then here are 4 home décor items that you absolutely must know about:

  1. Mid-century modern home décor items




The 50s were a decade where the mid-century movement was still pretty much in full swing. Every designer experimenting with materials, textures, ideas, and creative furnishings were appearing left, right, and center.




So, one of the easiest ways to bring that 50s glamour in modern spaces is by featuring a focal midcentury style home décor accessory as a statement piece. The Arco lamp is a good choice as it easily merges with modern décor, but you can also go for boomerang style side/coffee tables, or any other prominent mid-century modern home décor item. Poster wall art can also be used to create a vintage 50s themed gallery wall.


2. Understated glam scandi-modern pastels


Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash



50s American suburbia was totally classic, and its vintage-retro aesthetic is depicted in artworks and movies even today. If you watch something that recreates this particular decade in time, you’ll see how home interiors used to have gorgeous pastel accents. It’s a pretty ubiquitous design element that is repeated in many pop-culture references as well.



This particular home décor item can be made tangible in many ways. You can either paint your walls a fresh minty green and complement them with mid-century style furniture, or you could opt for vintage looking plain vases and other home décor accessories in breezy pastel hues and feature them throughout your interior designs.



3. The jazz glamour


Photo by Sam Browne on Unsplash


The 50s is well-known for its ardor in everything related to jazz, and the music conceived many a glamorous parlors where glitter, flamboyancy and swankiness at full swing! While the main application of this aesthetic used to be quite commercial, today we can evoke it through some carefully chosen home décor accessories.


You can bring in that gorgeous jazz glamour in your spaces through a glinting vintage chandelier. A contemporary-nest fixture or a classic Baltic one with lots of crystals would both look wonderful. You can pair it up with gilded accents on your ceiling or waterfall valances on your curtains to get the best effect.


  1. Wallpapers of ye old




50s home décor is also characterized by statement wall papers. They used to constitute entire walls and featured bold, eclectic patterns that always boasted symmetry. Add in some funky colors of the vintage variety and you’ve got yourself a hot package. The damask, glass cloth and pastoral designs were especially well-loved.


Today, you can easily emulate this home décor item in modern spaces and get a great 50s inspired effect. In fact, you can design a gorgeous statement wall by featuring the damask patterned wall paper on it. The color can be your own choice, but the effect would be truly nostalgic.

These 4 home décor items are more of ideas then actual physical things, so you can definitely mark them with your own creativity. We hope they give your homes that 50s themed essence that you’ve been striving for!


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